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Plugin vray para sketchup

plugin vray para sketchup

In the vray following para how-to youll see how I made a more complex scene based on the same method showcased here.
So here, we begin with Review of SketchUP Pro.Im using para the Make Fur plugin again, this time with the Crowd scatter feature which allows loading of several SketchUP components for the process.I also add a small line point upwards to indicates that so we dont flip them by mistake during a scatter operation.This is the resulted shape.In this case I made two.Especially vray for the first time 3d modelers, its interface is clear and para very easy to grasp, n if you stuck somewhere the quick Reference guide comes handy for a rescue.Beside freehand tool, there are line, arc, rectangle, circle and polygon tools for creating any plugin desired 2d shape and push/pull tool give them the 3rd dimension.I decided to make a very simple 3d model of house with little or no detailing, but I want to make it plugin fast. What I want to emphasize here windows is that the update application interface is so easy to understand that I have no problems in getting around even as I havent or barely touched any 3d application in last one years.
Or any other shape that defines the patch you created.
The Interface resembles little patch bit like FormZ 3d modeler, but its not even a bit TDS like FormZ interface.
Next, to demonstrate with a lawn, Im creating the plane on which editor we will scatter the proxies.With a quick scale we can make this blade as thin as needed.It similar to how, peter Guthrie is doing this inside 3dsmax as featured on his blog.The segments here are the result of the initial curve detail drawn up above.Im doing a quick test render to make sure the proxies are working ok first.Screen Shot showing the interface and the basic 3d model i made in s fast.After a quick search in Google Images, I find a good color base to work with for the grass blade texture.Though its always better to first go through windows the tutorials or at least read them for making the learning process fast, I get off directly, skipping the tutorials and starts off with the 3d modeling.Here is my small sketchup patch of scattered blades using the Make Fur plugin.SketchUP is up to the task in hand and makes the 3d modeling a breeze and allows you to be more creative, thanks to its user friendly interface which allows you to put all your thinking behind design rather than on 3d modeling process.We dont yamaha even need the small triangle amounts generated by the proxy export process All we need is the patch boundary This could be a simple line circle.

This is how the blade looks like without the fold modeled yet.
Though it had been developed for the conceptual stages of design, SketchUP is more than a powerful 3d tool plugin vray para sketchup for creating presentations.