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School 2013 episode 11 part 2

Thats the evidence that you want to go to school.
Did his mother run too?Jung-ho growls that he doesnt much episode feel like beating them up tonight, and Yi-kyung just pushes right school back, No, tonight were going to have to hit you.How could one meal become such a powerful scene?Naturally, the kids jump to the conclusion that it was In-jae alone, which the two teachers episode and Jung-ho dont realize.In-jae episode thanks her for being honest and says shell try to figure out some ways to take less of her studying time away, but whats most important is that she gives her an open invitation to come and talk.Before the teachers even have a chance to tell school school Kang-joo about the debate competition, episode she sees a notice posted for an internal competition where the winners will then be chosen to go compete.But he holds it together through lunch. In-jae plants herself on the front editor stoop, clearly set on sticking it out this time.
Dude, this mom scares the crap out.
Namsun decides hell be the one to transfer and part asks internet that no one tells Heungsu.
And even in the silence.
He offers to transfer, and asks that they not tell Heung-soo about.
But Jung-ho walks up, wondering what theyre doing.
In-jae orders him full to put the desk down and takes Kyung-min out for a mcafee chat.
Also I think he enjoys driving them crazy.Heung-soo stands outside the teachers office, not knowing what.And then they walk down the hall, each of them smiling a tiny smile that the other cant see.And now its In-jaes turn to grab Jung-hos wrist, but for her episode its an attempt to hold onto him.He throws down an entire ream of paper and tells them their punishment is to fill a sheet front and back for every episode single question they got wrong.Even more spectacular, how it's slowly drawn in the side characters.Uhmforce tells him that itll take about a week for him to be transferred.Hee, its awesomely one-sided (her concern obviously outweighs his and even Heung-soo breaks into a smile.Her doggedness and her capacity for empathy might seem extreme, but for kids like Jung-ho and Nam-soon, its the difference between a lost life or a hopeful future.Nam-soon finds Kang-joo on her way out of the bathroom with teary eyes, and adorably tousles her hair like a little kid.She doesnt want In-jae to bring Jung-ho back either, or to take anyones side.I dont like the sound of that.

He gapes at the amount of food, and she says its in school 2013 episode 11 part 2 honor of his transfer.
Avoid the enforcer till they graduate?