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Shrink distribution database sql server 2005

The fastest way I have found to upgrade the LOB chains is a series of bulk export and bulk insert operations. .
distribution SQL Server 2005 has a trace flag.It also makes shrink* restart capable. .The shrink does not database run in parallel like dbcc checkdb might.If you cancel/kill shrink a shrink* operation only the current active transaction is rolled back. .Data on allocated pages is moved server to the lower portion of the file. .Hi Adi, I will suggest you to do below things.This requires database additional overhead and can elongate the shrink* activity.Like all other data, when a LOB fragment is encountered the fragment is moved below the target. .Multiple shrink operations against shrink the same file/database is not allowed.This can involve index, LOB chain and other updates to move the row. .This is included in the progress indicators. .LOB data that was stored under SQL Server 2000 and has not been is still on SQL Server 2000 format.2, dbccFilesCompact, moves pages beyond the target to before the target and truncate database file as required.Shrink Transaction Behavior, shrink works in transaction batches of 32 pages. .A target extent is calculated based on the information supplied to the shrink* command. . As you mentioned you were facing some problem while executing above 2 commands.
The more rows that are found beyond the target extent location the more work shrink has. .
Now try shrinking of log file, database i am sure it will work.
Other Affects on Shrink, shrinking a busy file can also result in lock contention while the rows are moved. .
August 15, 2009, comments, my first blog post in a long time!
This will give you information about your virtual shrink logs inside your transaction log.
The log file should now have shrunk successfully.
Scans all pages from 750MB to 1GB that are marked allocated in the GAM. .In particular look at the Status column.This helps expose space in the lower portion of the file.You can't use alter index.The next step I took of course is distribution open up Firefox and used my favorite search engine to look for a way to check the progress.