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Super contra game for

Well, if you haven't already guessed, it's Mad Dog and Scorpion - back on track and ready contra to game ground the Falcon permanently.
1988 game video game sequel to Contra, produced by Konami.
This time, the alien forces have taken over an allied military base, possessing most of its troops.We are looking for the person, who has a strong stomach and doesn't scared any dangerous creatures.After game passing multiple difficult corridors, you have to battle a mini-boss, and then take out Gava himself.Stage 1 - Thunder Landing Stage 2 - In a Tight Squeeze Stage 3 - Jungle Juncture Stage 4 super - No Escape (also for stage 7 in NES version) Stage 5 - M-3 (NES exclusive) Stage 6 - Deathbed (arcade, final stage) / Hotter than.Contents show Plot A year after the battle with the Red Falcon organization, game Bill and Lance are sent on another mission.The two versions of the game are almost identical aside from the language of the text shown during the attract sequence.Now this nasty alien is back for revenge and stronger then ever.Bilko, the main protagonist of the sitcom The Phil Silvers Show.Super Contra, translated Japanese opening text Super Contra (, Sp Kontora: Eirian no Gyakush?, lit.(June game 2013) Reception Super Contra received positive reviews.2 Japanese :, Hepburn contra : Sp Kontora: Eirian no Gyakush? Likewise, Lance Bean is called "Corporal Lance in reference to the " Lance corporal " military rank.
This time his sinister plan involves infiltrating the American temporaneo Army with his villainous intergalactic warriors.
12 Both the NES versions of Contra and Super C are also included as contra unlockable bonuses in the Nintendo DS game game Contra 4, also released in 2007.
19 Japanese game magazine Famitsu gave the Famicom (NES) version of the game a score of 25 out.
Here, game the boss battled is an alien mothership shooting skulls and small bugs at you.
Overview The original arcade version features drive less levels, and the game ends with a final fight against Emperor Demon Gava.The levels on this port are an abandoned city complex (with an Army Helicopter as the boss standing before Fort Firestorm, that appears as the second super level (boss - tank with three drivers.IGN rated the Arcade version re-release on Xbox 360.7/10, but they gave the NES version re-release on Wii a more favorable score.5/10.The game consists of five stages, which are set in a military base, supplente a jungle and the alien's lair.Move/D-PAD, w,A,S,D on Keyboard, a, B Button, j,K on Keyboard.One year after the battle with the mysterious alien army the earth seems to be free from their clutches.This version features the stages from the NES version, but with graphics similar to the arcade game (including the opening intro).

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It is the sequel to the original.