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Windows 10 ltsb vs enterprise

Another difference is that Windows 10 Enterprise ltsb will not windows have ltsb the usual built-in applications like Cortana, Windows Store, Microsoft Edge, etc.
Did this solve your problem?If you still have any questions, kindly reply windows to this thread.Windows 10 Enterprise ltsb will only receive security windows updates and if you want to update the said ltsb edition enterprise to a higher version, you need to re-install Windows 10 Enterprise ltsb using the installation file that has the updated enterprise version.23 people were helped by this reply.Hi, Windows 10 Enterprise is like Windows 10 Home or Windows Pro but with more options.Microsoft TechNet Evaluation Center. .Windows 10 Enterprise ltsb.For more information, kindly refer to this blog. One of crack the difference between the two is that Windows 10 Enterprise ltsb will not get any feature update while Windows 10 Enterprise will receive feature updates.
You need to have ltsb a license for Windows 10 Enterprise before you can install Windows 10 Enterprise ltsb.
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